Affilogic’s involvement in the DiaSyn project

Madrid, Spain, May 2018
Dr. Mathieu Cinier, Scientific Director, made a presentation about Affilogic’s involvement in the DiaSyn project.

The overall objective of the DiaSyn project is to develop a PET imaging tracer for highly specific and sensitive detection and quantification of αSynuclein in the brain. It is based on the combined use of nano-tools together with a bioorthogonal imaging approach. The project’s work, which has started in September 2016, shall be performed in 3 years by Affilogic and its partners, the University of Liège, the University of Artois, UCB Biopharma and the Cajal Institute.

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Affilogic’s intervention at PEGS Boston

Boston, USA, May 2018
Dr. Mathieu Cinier, Scientific Director at Affilogic, spoke at the Essential Protein Engineering Summit.

Dr. Mathieu Cinier, invited to speak on the theme of “Innovating Therapeutic Fusion Protein”, gave a conference entitled “Nanofitin®-Antibody Fusion as a Novel Multispecific Platform”. Many different bispecific formats have been engineered to allow the additional neutralization of an escaping pathway or the recruitment of effectors, but often at the expense of the overall physicochemical properties of the biologic itself compared to the actual state of the art for monoclonal antibodies. Nanofitin®-Antibody fusion is proposed as a novel multispecific platform.

Additional targeting specificities are provided by the fusion of Nanofitins® to existing antibodies, without altering their initial physico-chemical properties. Affilogic thinks that the bispecific field might provide a new breakthrough for the management of complex diseases, but that keeping in mind molecules shall still be developable as therapeutics is paramount. As such, Affilogic is proposing a developability oriented novel multispecific platform. Thanks to their small size, Nanofitins® can be plugged on an antibody at different locations, either as a single module or as an assembly, while still providing a minimal hindrance on the antibody that retain its functionality. Moreover, Nanofitin®-Antibody fusions benefit from the high stability and solubility of the Nanofitin® scaffold, providing to the Nanofitin®-based multi-specific platform a developablility advantage.

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Affilogic’s intervention at the 4th Biologics & Biosimilars Congress

Berlin, Germany, March 2018
Dr. Mathieu Cinier, Scientific Director at Affilogic, spoke at the 4th Biologics & Biosimilars Congress.

Dr. Mathieu Cinier, invited to speak on the theme of “Protein Biotherapeutics”, made a presentation entitled “Nanofitins® as a versatile platform for cancer imaging and drug conjugates”, exemplified by a case study concerning anti-EGFR Nanofitins® cross-reacting on both the human and murine EGFR.

Using the Nanofitin® technology as a vector for radioimaging displays many advantages, like the possibility to tailor the selection to obtain cross-reactive Nanofitin® (allowing a better significance of the preclinical studies in murine model in term of biodistribution) and their fast systemic clearance (meaning compatibility with fast decaying radio-isotope, simple radioactive waste handling, no accumulation in healthy organs, better patient compliance and higher production capacity). The high stability of the scaffold and the absence of cysteine allows easy regioselective conjugation.

Using the Nanofitin technology as a vector for drug conjugate also offers benefits. Their small scaffold enables a high tissue penetration, and their fast clearance can be tuned to allow longer resilience via Affilogic’s proprietary half-life extension technology. Nanofitins® can also be easily conjugated to nanoparticles and payloads, via chemical conjugation or genetic fusion.

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Affilogic wins the award of the best pitch at the RIBs 2018

Paris, France, February 2018
Affilogic was part of the 14 startups selected by a jury of oncologists, investors and industrialists to attend the French “Rencontres Internationales de Biotechnologie”. Dr. Olivier Kitten, Founder and CEO at Affilogic, won the award of the best pitch.

The objective of the RIBs is to bring together international industrialists and selected startups on the basis of their research themes, the excellence of their project and their desire to forge alliances with pharmaceutical companies. The RIBs 2018 was on the theme of immuno-oncology. The overall strategy of Affilogic is to treat cancer via multiple pathways thanks to multi-functional Nanofitin®-based targeted drugs. Two partnering schemes are possible : Affilogic can partner with pharmaceutical companies on existing Nanofitin® modules currently developed in immuno-oncology that are not encumbered by any exclusivity rights given to a current partner, or can generate new Nanofitins® since it also has a platform-based business model.

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Affilogic made a new presentation at the last World Vaccine Congress

Barcelona, Spain, October 2017
Dr. Anne Chevrel, R&D Project Manager at Affilogic, made a presentation at the last World Vaccines Congress in Barcelona, entitled “Innovative affinity chromatography platform for streamlined purification of vaccines at reduced costs and lower environmental footprint”.

This presentation showed the progresses of Affilogic and its Divine partners, Aquaporin, GenIbet, GSK, iBet and Merck, in the development of an affinity chromatography platform using specific Nanofitins® and Aquaporin membranes. This innovative affinitychromatography platform outperforms the current vaccines purification process by reducing the number of downstream operations and reducing product loss.

The first family of vaccines being the glycoconjugates vaccines, Nanofitins® directed against CRM197 (carrier protein for glycoconjugates vaccines) have been discovered, identified, characterized and successfully conjugated to resin. Dynamic binding experiments have been realized, and a pilot scale using Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis showed a water recovery using forward osmosis of 90% in 30 minutes.

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Affilogic presented orally deliverable anti-TNFalpha Nanofitins® at PEGS Europe

Lisbon, Portugal, November 2016
Mathieu Cinier, Scientific Director at Affilogic, presented the very significant progress made by SADEL consortium in developing an orally available anti-TNFalpha Nanofitin® to treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Despite a remarkable efficacy, treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases using systemic administration of anti-TNF-alpha antibodies remains associated with serious adverse effects. Extreme stability of the Nanofitins, a novel alternative scaffold, in gut environment allows development of orally available anti-TNF-alpha therapeutics by Affilogic and partners (SADEL FP7 European programme) to benefit from a better targeting to the inflammation site while decreasing systemic exposure and related side effects.
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Affilogic presented a rational design approach to predict Nanofitins® targeting a defined epitope at PEGS Europe

Lisbon, Portugal, November 2016
Simon Huet shared the results of his Ph.D. thesis hosted in Affilogic R&D lab with a poster entitled “Full-computational design of anti-GFP Nanofitins binding a pre-selected interaction surface”

Besides druggability predictions, such as modeling the immunogenicity profiles of Nanofitins® confirming their promising safety profile, bioinformatics tools were assessed at Affilogic for the assisted­generation of Nanofitins® through the computed design of their interaction surface. When the region to be targeted is already known, this approach could reduce the screening effort by framing the generation process to binders targeting only the desired epitope, therefore predicting their activity. This poster describes how two distinct regions of the GFP were targeted by in silico design of the Nanofitin® scaffold. At the bench level, one candidate was shown to successfully bind to the GFP at the pre-selected surface imposed by design, representing a specific hot-spot for subsequent affinity maturation.
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Affilogic presented a Poster at the last World Vaccine Congress

Barcelona, Spain, October 2016
The DiViNe partners were happy to communicate the first results of the project at the last World Vaccines Congress in Barcelona  with a poster entitled “Vaccines purification by affinity chromatography with Nanofitin ligands: demonstration with glycoconjugates”.

This poster explains why the DiViNe approach and the use of affinity chromatography with custom-designed specific Nanofitins will enable to improve the current vaccines purification process by reducing the number of downstream operations and reducing product loss.
The partners are developing a flexible Nanofitin-based platform for vaccines purification and it is illustrated on the poster with the first family of vaccines i.e. the glycoconjugate vaccines. We describe discovery and identification of Nanofitins directed against the CRM197 carrier protein, as well as their conjugation to resin.
For further information, please contact Anne CHEVREL

Anne Poster World Vaccines Congress

Affilogic announces collaboration with Takeda

Nantes, France, September 2016
Affilogic and Takeda will validate and optimize Nanofitins® to deliver biotherapeutic candidates into the brain to address neurological disorders.

“Takeda is a partner of choice for Affilogic to significantly expand the number of research programs relying on our Nanofitins® platform advancing into clinical trials” said Olivier Kitten, Chief Executive Officer of Affilogic.”

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Affilogic announces collaboration with Sanofi

Nantes, France, June 2016
Affilogic enters into a Research Collaboration and Licensing agreement with Sanofi on Nanofitin®-conjugated biotherapeutics.

“We’re very proud to announce this collaboration with Sanofi. This is an important step forward to demonstrate the potency of our Nanofitin® platform with a leading pharmaceutical company.” said Olivier KITTEN, Chief Executive Officer of Affilogic. “With Sanofi, Affilogic has found an ideal partner to raise value to our technology and generate Nanofitin®-conjugate drugs.”

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Affilogic announces collaboration with BIND Therapeutics

Nantes, France, May 2016
Affilogic will provide BIND with access to Nanofitins® that are keys modulators of anti-tumor immunity. 

“We are excited about our collaboration with BIND Therapeutics and believe our Nanofitin® targeting ligands can play an important role in BIND’s innovative medicine strategy,” said Olivier Kitten, chief executive officer, AFFILOGIC. “BIND’s ACCURINS® platform has proven very effective at encapsulating and controlling the release kinetics of a wide variety of therapeutic payloads. When combined with our ability to specifically tailor Nanofitins to target important immune-oncology checkpoints, we believe this collaboration could lead to the discovery and development of truly innovative therapeutics.”

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