Iconovo to present positive data from a feasibility study on Nanofitins® in ICOone®

Iconovo AB and Affilogic today announce that Iconovo will present positive results from a feasibility study with a Nanofitin®-based biologic drug against respiratory virus using ICOone®. The study results will be presented at Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD®) 2024, which takes place in Tucson, Arizona, on May 5-9, 2024.
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Enhancing Oral Delivery of Biologics: A Non-Competitive and Cross-Reactive Anti-Leptin Receptor Nanofitin Demonstrates a Gut-Crossing Capacity in an Ex Vivo Porcine Intestinal Model

Affilogic published data on Nanofitins® used as Gut-Crossing shuttle, to allow oral delivery of biologic therapeutics, capitalizing on their High stability. We developed anti-LepR Nanofitins®, to exploit receptor mediated transcytosis, and validate a proof-of-concept of biologically active molecules delivery across an ex-vivo porcine intestinal model. The chosen Nanofitins® does not compete with Leptin, and is cross-reactive across Human, Mouse and Pig, paving the way to pre-clinical studies to demonstrate safe and efficient oral-to-systemic delivery of targeted therapies.

This work has been done in collaboration with the Blood Brain Barrier Laboratory of the Artois University, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Western Switzerland of the University of Geneva.

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Targeted Nanofitin-drug Conjugates Achieve Efficient Tumor Delivery and Therapeutic Effect in an EGFRpos Mouse Xenograft Model

Affilogic published in-vivo data on Nanofitin-drug conjugates, an approach using Nanofitins for taregted delivery of a cytotoxic payload, i.g MMAE. This publication shows almost 100% tumor penetration, efficient targeted delivery of MMAE and efficient therapeutic effect of this Nanofitin-Drug Conjugate by inhibiting EGFR positive tumor growth in xenograft mice. It strengthen the interest of using Nanofitins-drug conjugates as targeted therapeutics to treat solid tumors. This work has been done in collaboration with the University of Geneva, the ULB/CMMI and iBET.

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Inhalable Nanofitin demonstrates high neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 virus via direct application in respiratory tract

Affilogic published data on anti-COVID, multispecific Nanofitin construct by direct pulmonary administration. Data shows Nanofitins’ preserved activity of virus inhibition once nebulized, and promising reduction of infection and inflammation in both the prophylactic and therapeutic groups of mice. This work has been done in collaboration with the Research Center for Respiratory Diseases INSERM team from the University of Tours.

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Bispecific Nanofitins for tumor selective immune checkpoint inhibition

Affilogic published data on anti EGFR-PDL1 bispecific Nanofitin approach, reaching tumor selective immune checkpoint inhibition by the cross-arm binding of these two receptors, in collaboration with ICO and the CNRS UMR 6286 of Nantes University.

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Development of multi-specific Nanofitin® molecules against lung infections

Affilogic started to develop multi-specific Nanofitin® molecules targeting global health pathogens for a treatment & vaccination approach. One particular objective is to protect individuals in lower middle income countries from infectious diseases. Such research activities are supported by a grant of $1.063M from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Nanofitins® being 20 times smaller than antibodies, highly soluble and extremely stable proteins, they can be delivered into the lungs to address respiratory indications locally.

One scaffold, several approaches: tackling cancer diseases with Nanofitins @PEGS2022

Mathieu Cinier to present a poster showing latest data of Nanofitin used as cancer targeted therapies. Nanofitins display multiple advantages making them very attractive alternative scaffolds for cancer treatment.

Affilogic and Apellis expand R&D collaboration to develop targeted complement therapies for delivery into the brain.

Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Affilogic today announced that the companies have expanded their research and development (R&D) collaboration, which was initially formed in 2018, to include the development of Nanofitins® targeting the transferrin receptor (TfR), which enables drugs to be transported across the blood brain barrier and into the central nervous system.
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Apellis and Affilogic published on the discovery of a novel, high-affinity Nanofitin inhibitor of C3-mediated complement activation

Apellis in collaboration with Affilogic published on the discovery of a novel, high-affinity Nanofitin inhibitor of C3-mediated complement activation, named APL-1030. Read more

Albumin binding Nanofitins, a new scaffold to extend half-life of biologics – a case study with Sanofi with their Exenatide peptide.

Affilogic published with Sanofi on using albumin binding Nanofitins as a half-life extension module with Exenatide biologically active. Read more

“Respitude” Affilogic’s project laureate of the AMI “Nouvelles Biothérapies & outils de production”.

The “Respitude project support the development of a candidate Nanofitin simultaneously targeting multiple epitopes of the SARS-Cov2 S surface protein, neutralizing its interaction with cells, and take it to phase I/IIa clinical stage.

Nanofitins being 20 times smaller than antibodies, highly soluble and extremely stable proteins, they can be easily nebulized. Affilogic already demonstrated bio-distribution of Nanofitins into different compartments of the lungs in animal models. Read More

The #FranceRelance investment plan includes 800 Million Euros (from #PIA), to help biotherapies development, stimulate competitiveness and follow the development of the French industrial environment which is necessary in order to no longer depend 95% on foreign biotherapies.

Development of multispecific assemblies of Nanofitins® with anti-tumor activities @ PEGS Europe 2021

Ms. Perrine Jacquot, Ph.D. student working at Affilogic and at the Western Cancer Institute (Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest, Saint-Herblain, France) presented her latest results in November in Barcelona during PEGS Europe 2021. Read more

Nanofitins targeting heat shock protein 110: an innovative immunotherapeutic modality in cancer

Affilogic recently published with some partners an article on anti-HSP110 Nanofitins in cancer immunotherapy. Read more

This work was performed in collaboration with INSERM (UMR1231), University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Anticancer Center Georges François Leclerc and the company Inovotion.

Affilogic to receive public funding for a new production unit as winner of the French industrial relocation plan

Affilogic is one of the first 31 winners of the industrial relocation plan recently unveiled by the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire. Within three years, it wants to create a production unit for the Nanofitins, synthetic proteins (…), which are designed to attach themselves to a chosen biological target to purify it, detect it, or block its action. These molecules are used in particular to inhibit pathological mechanisms. “The major pathologies targeted include Crohn’s disease, pancreatic cancer, brain and ophthalmic diseases,” explains Olivier Kitten, the CEO. “(…) Today, we want to create a 1,500 m² unit in the Nantes region to multiply our production capacity by a factor of 100. » With this €5 million investment, Affilogic is set to double its workforce (currently 25 people) in Nantes over three years.