Affilogic made a new presentation at the last World Vaccine Congress

Barcelona, Spain, October 2017
Dr. Anne Chevrel, R&D Project Manager at Affilogic, made a presentation at the last World Vaccines Congress in Barcelona, entitled “Innovative affinity chromatography platform for streamlined purification of vaccines at reduced costs and lower environmental footprint”.

This presentation showed the progresses of Affilogic and its Divine partners, Aquaporin, GenIbet, GSK, iBet and Merck, in the development of an affinity chromatography platform using specific Nanofitins® and Aquaporin membranes. This innovative affinitychromatography platform outperforms the current vaccines purification process by reducing the number of downstream operations and reducing product loss.

The first family of vaccines being the glycoconjugates vaccines, Nanofitins® directed against CRM197 (carrier protein for glycoconjugates vaccines) have been discovered, identified, characterized and successfully conjugated to resin. Dynamic binding experiments have been realized, and a pilot scale using Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis showed a water recovery using forward osmosis of 90% in 30 minutes.