Extending half-life of your molecule

Affilogic is developing a platform to increase plasmatic half-life of a molecule fused to a Nanofitin® binding to Albumin (ABNF). Such ABNF are designed to be combined with other treatment modalities such as peptides, enzymes, other Nanofitins®. N-/C- termini not being involved in the binding site, Nanofitins® can be easily conjugated to a payload by genetic fusion or click chemistry, a full chemical synthesis of the construct is also possible. The absence of cysteine in the Nanofitin® scaffold, which is therefore devoid of structuring disulfide bonds, allows manufacturing in microbial cost effective systems.

Affilogic repeatedly demonstrated with its industrial partners (Sanofi, Samabriva, Apellis) an increased plasmatic half-life of the payload, with such payload conserving its activity and even increasing its efficacy in different animal models. In a collaboration with Sanofi, in vivo mice results provided convincing data (t½ of 8 min for Exenatide peptide compared to 20 h for Exenatide-ABNF) with sustained pharmacological activity over 3 days (Michot N, et al. Albumin binding Nanofitins, a new scaffold to extend half-life of biologics – a case study with exenatide peptide. Peptides. 2022)