Affilogic is a private biotech company specialized in discovering and developing Nanofitins® through early-stage collaborations with worldwide industry leaders in the pharmaceutical sector.

These affinity proteins can be designed as targeted inhibitors, or as vectors for specific addressing of cells and tissues. Affilogic follows the science to any therapeutic area as long as an innovative Nanofitin-based biotherapy can make a difference to meet patients’ needs. Usual systemic routes can be travelled by Nanofitins®, but their intrinsic properties make them amenable to other routes, such as oral route and pulmonary delivery.

To learn more about the use of Nanofitins® as affinity ligands for the purification of biologics, you can visit the dedicated Affichrom’ website.

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Biologics 2023 UK

Biologics 2023 UK

Affilogic Team about to speak at Biologics 2023 UK – London
Mar 30-31, 2023

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Affilogic fighting infectious diseases

Affilogic fighting infectious diseases

Affilogic started a new project supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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