Combining custom Nanofitins®… and more !

Nanofitin® x 1

APL1030 is a novel, high-affinity Nanofitin® inhibitor of C3-mediated complement activation developed with Apellis.

Anti-TNFα Nanofitins® demonstrated their capacity to be delivered orally without any gastric-resistant formulation and to achieve TNFα blockade in vivo (SADEL project).

Nanofitins® x 2

-Combining immune check-point inhibition (anti-PDL1 Nanofitin®) and expansion of anti-tumoral macrophages (anti-HSP110 Nanofitin®) potentiate the anti-tumor response in vivo (Nanomodule project).

Nanofitins® x 3

in vivo efficacy of anti-PDL1 Nanofitins® is increased when fused to anti-EGFR Nanofitins®, and Albumin-binding Nanofitins® (ABNF) for half-life extension (Nanomodule project). 

Nanofitins® x 4

-Nanofitins® construct targeting 4 epitopes on SRAS-CoV2 reduces covid infection and inflammation in mice lungs by intranasal route (Respitude & PulmoVia projects).

Nanofitin®-antibody fusions

APL-2006 is a bispecific C3 and VEGF inhibitor developed with Apellis.

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