A tunable 100% in vitro discovery platform

The generation of Nanofitins® consists in identifying the best ligands amongst the vast library of variants. Libraries are screened with many parameters to tune specificity on the target(s): targeting common epitopes of different antigens (such as human/mouse cross-species binding) or forcing the competition with a ligand, particularly relevant to inhibiting a ligand/receptor interaction. This process is amenable to toxic targets, or non-immunogenic epitopes. Affilogic has designed Nanofitins® against 150+ targets to date, including a wide range of circulating antigens, membrane receptors and complex entities.


So many ways to play with them… and to combine them

Depending on the target engaged in the selection process, Nanofitins can be:


Usual systemic routes can be travelled by Nanofitins®, but their intrinsic properties make them amenable to other routes, such as oral route or pulmonary delivery.

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