Receptor-mediated Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) crossing

Delivering drugs across BBB is a hurdle and this could pave the way for the development of new therapies to fight a wide range of brain diseases, such as cancer, epilepsy, neuropathic pain, degenerative diseases… Active transport in the CNS via receptor-mediated BBB-crossing can be applied to transport molecules from industrial partners such as antibodies or enzymes (typically for Enzyme Replacement Therapy) or to address challenging targets in the CNS with Nanofitins®, i.e. modulating a GPCR with Nanofitins®.

Receptor-mediated cancer cell internalization and protein-protein-interaction (PPI)

This strategy is pursued with antibodies but, due to their sizeImage BBB, they often failed at penetrating deep to the tumor. Nanofitins® being 20 times smaller they have the potential to bring the payload more in-depth. There is currently huge interest in the development of novel drug formats that could address intracellular PPI as these targets are beyond the reach of virtually all biological drugs at present.

Because of their small size and short half-life, Nanofitins® should both accumulate specifically at the site of the tumor and be cleared from the serum rapidly, therefore reducing off-target toxicity compared to long lasting antibodies.

Targeting antimicrobial peptides on multi-drug resistant bacteria (ESKAPE pathogens)

Although antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are promising antibiotics with a raNF-Drug-conjugate-Image-1pid microbicidal activity, their therapeutic applications are hindered by common drawbacks such as a lack of specificity for bacteria over eukaryotic cells and comparatively high costs. Affilogic adopts a fully innovative concept, developing targeted conjugates of Nanofitins® and AMPs to increase local concentration of AMPs on resistant strains for specific efficacy, lower side effects and low dosage. Such mechanism of action prevents development of resistance. Full chemical synthesis, supported by a relatively small overall size and the absence of complex structures, will ensure a reasonable cost of goods.