Schéma-detectionNanofitins® can be used for detection needs as well. In previous research at Affilogic, tags were added at the N- and/or C-terminus (His-Tag, Strep-Tag, Avi-Tag, Flag-Tag), enzymes were chemically and genetically fused to the Nanofitins® (GFP, HRP, AlkPho), and dyes were chemically conjugated either on the various exposed Lysines on the Nanofitins®, or at a specific site with the addition of one specific Cysteine. It was checked that these modifications did not induce any change in binding efficacy and specificity. Nanofitins® can thus be adapted to a broad range of assay protocols (multiplex lateral flow, immunoassays, FACS, immuno-histochemistry,…), for single target as well as multiplex detection.

Diagnostic for military and civil applications

The objective is to take advantage of the intrinsic features of Nanofitins® to develop highly stable diagnostic tools amenable to Point of Care (POC) tests, in order to detect with high sensitivity a wide range of antigens in the body sample chosen, possibly non-invasively (stool, saliva, urine), with a fast generation process and at affordable costs compatible with large-scale screening of populations.

Antibodies currently available for detection purposes are largely unstable as soon as they are used in natural aggressive substrates (acidity, proteases) or in extreme conditions (in particular no temperature control).

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Tools for research

In the course of a drug development, Nanofitins® can be used as tools for a wide range of research needs:

  • QC tools: Nanofitins® anti-Nanofitin®
  • Nanofitin® as competitors for monoclonal antibodies
  • Companion diagnostic