An independent private company with international collaboration experience

Affilogic is an independent private company established in Nantes and specialised in the discovery, development and combinations of Nanofitins® for therapeutic applications.

Its operations are currently largely conducted through international collaborations with pharma companies, via sponsored research projects at the European level (Euronanomed Nanovax, Eurostars Gut-To-Blood) and through internal R&D.

Affilogic is also extremely well integrated in its local environment, as a major member of the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster in Nantes, one of the few French bio-clusters recognised by the government for its specific expertise in biotherapies and development of biotherapeutics. The company has signed a general collaboration framework agreement with the University of Nantes.

Based on an innovative technology : Nanofitins®

For any biological target, from peptides to entire cells, it is possible to generate custom Nanofitins® with a high binding affinity and controlled specificity for detection, capture, targeting or interacting purposes. Affilogic has exclusive and worldwide rights to this technology from the Pasteur Institute and the CNRS and performs custom discovery, development and combinations of Nanofitins® against nominated targets.